Q:  Coach, give us a little background information about yourself.

A:  I grew up on south side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I played high school basketball at Thomas More High School and college basketball at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Upon graduation, I started my own AAU team and began my coaching career as a high school coach in Burlington, Wisconsin.

Q:  Describe yourself using 3 words.

A:  Proactive, Enthusiastic, Determined

Q:  Why did you decide to get into coaching?

A:  I got into coaching to help be a positive resource for young men to reach their potential on and off the basketball court.

Q:  Give us all a brief description your coaching philosophy.

A:  My coaching philosophy is to be a servant leader to my players everyday. I believe the more time you invest in them, the more results you will see in all areas of life.

Q:  What traits are important to you when you are recruiting a player?

A:  Important traits in a player to me are their passion for the game, skill level, and character.

Q:  What are some of the important things you learned from being an assistant coach that helped you when you became a head coach?

A:  I would say the most important things that I learned was to be invaluable every day, think a step ahead and cover the head coaches blind spot. I also learned that when you are an assistant coach and your head coach doesn't listen to your opinion, that's your fault.

Q:  What do you feel is the most important message that you leave your players with after they graduate?

A:  The message that I want to leave them with is to attack every day and to always always be early. I also would like them to never take no for an answer and to be compete in everything that they do in life.



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