Coach, give us all a little background on yourself.

A:  I am a little girl from Milwaukee who always wanted to inspire and give back to the city that I love and that sums me up in a nutshell. I am the daughter of Coach Robert Kern and Detroit native Debra Kern. I believe in the power of hard work. As a mother, setting the precedent for greatness while using my platform is my daily goal in raising my 5 year old son, Bobby Collins Jr.

Q:  Why did you get into the coaching business?

A:  I am the daughter of a coach and I knew I wanted to teach but not just in the classroom. Growing up, I saw my father's influence on young men’s lives and knew I wanted to be a servant in the same capacity.

Q:  Can you describe yourself using 3 words.

A:  Tough, Humble and Feisty.

Q: Can you give us a brief description of your coaching philosophy?

A:  My coaching philosophy is to embrace alumni, students and the community surrounding me and my staff. I strongly believe that there is more to being a coach than just X's and O’s and it is important to create an experience where everyone has an opportunity to have a joyful heart and fulfilled spirit.

Q: What traits are important to you when you are recruiting a player?

A:  In recruiting student-athletes, it is very important to recruit the players that will fit the needs of your program.

Q:  What are some of the important things you learned from being an assistant coach that helped you when you became a head coach?

A:  I learned quite a few things. Among those are:

1. GREAT players help you win games.

2. Humility is key!

3. Players when games, not style of play.

4. Recruit, recruit, recruit.

5. If you are great at what u do, jobs will find you.

6. Grinding and being 100% consumed with your work are 2 different things. You must find the balance.

Q:  What do you feel is the most important message that you leave your players with after they graduate?

A:  I pride myself on molding our young women into powerful and self-motivated WOMEN who feel they can take life by the horns. I believe that a disciplined woman is a free woman. My message is if you find your "WHY", you will always find your "HOW.”