Interview with Latrell Fleming (IUPUI Women's Basketball)

Latrell and the IUPUI women's basketball team is coming off one of the best season's in school history. This past season the Lady Jags finished with a 24-9 record, a runner up finish in the Summit League Tournament and an appearance in the WNIT.  Below is our recent interview. Enjoy.

Me: Latrell, for those of us who don't know you as well, please give us a short summary on your background.

Latrell: I grew up playing basketball in Milwaukee, WI as early as I can remember. I attended Whitefish Bay Dominican High School as a freshman and sophomore. While at Dominican, I was a part of a state championship team as a freshman and runner up team as a sophomore year. After two years at Dominican, I attended Milwaukee John Marshall High School. While at John Marshall, I was fortunate to receive a full athletic scholarship to attend the University of Wisconsin. However, during my freshman year at UW, I was diagnosed with a heart condition that prevented me from playing basketball at the collegiate level. 

After my diagnosis, my coaching career began soon after. I was given the opportunity to be a student assistant for the University of Wisconsin men's basketball team for the duration of my time in college. Upon graduation, I was able to work my way up the coaching ranks from coaching girls AAU to division one women’s basketball.

Me: What made you decide to pursue a career in coaching women’s basketball?

Latrell: It all started when I graduated college. I was offered an opportunity to coach a girls AAU team and that particular AAU team had a lot of success. Due to the success of the team and program, I was given the opportunity to coach at the collegiate level.  

Me: What has been some of your biggest challenges as a coach?

Latrell:  I would look at it more as adjustments than challenges because of my experience on the men's side. For me, there was a brief learning curve in understanding the women's side because with certain things, you had to approach it differently than if you were coaching on the men's side.

Me: What advice would you have for women’s coaches who want to make the jump from high school to college coaching?

Latrell: I would say keep building your network of college coaches. Don’t just limit yourself to head coaches. Remember that some assistants will some day run their own program as well.  Lastly, attend different college practices, camps and clinics. Attending these events show coaches that you are persistent and eager to keep advancing at your craft.

Me: What is your fondest memory up to this point in your coaching career?

Latrell:  I think this past season was great for me. Our team posted a school record 24 wins and beat some impressive teams along the way. We advanced to the Summit League Championship game and came up short in overtime. It was a very memorable season.

Me: Latrell, thank you for sharing your story with us. We are very excited to see you at the MCA Clinic this summer.

Latrell: Thank you.