Interview with Kyle Rechlicz

Coach Rechlicz is coming off one of the most successful seasons in UW-Milwaukee women's basketball history. Her team finished with a 22-12 overall record and made it to the final four of the WBI tournament. MCA recently caught up with Kyle for a quick interview to get to know more about her and her team.

Me: So coach, why did you decide to get into the coaching profession?

Kyle: I decided to get into the coaching profession because I want to impact young people's lives. Being a college basketball coach goes far beyond teaching players on the court. More time is spent mentoring my young women on leadership and life situations than on basketball. Plus I'm a very competitive person, so being a coach helps fulfill my need for competition.

Me: What three things come to mind when discussing what your program is built around?

Kyle: The top three things that my program is built around are family, equilateral triangle of success, and heart. We don't use the word family lightly. We believe if you are going to talk family then you must act like a family. We have many meetings as a team on what this means. Truly treating your teammates as sisters vs friends can make a huge difference to success.

Our equilateral triangle of success means that we are not just going to treat our players as student-athletes but also as people. I strongly believe that our job as coaches is to challenge our student-athletes to be successful in all areas of their life.

In addition to family and the equilateral triangle of success, heart is something that we strongly believe in. As a team, we put our heart into everything that we do. We teach that in competition and life, we may not always come out on top but we are going to deserve to be successful because of what we put in. This applies on the court, in the classroom and in the community.

Me: As a head coach, what are some important traits you look for in an assistant coach?

Kyle: The most important traits I look for in an assistant coach are loyalty, highly self motivated, passionate, and hard-working. I usually can evaluate all of these traits as I get to know someone. I would never hire someone I have not had a prior connection with because I need to know that we click personality wise. That's why it is very important that up and coming coaches get out to events like the MCA Coaching Clinic and network. You never know what opportunities may come your way.

Me: Coach, congrats on a great season and thank you for your time and input. We are excited to learn more about you and your coaching methods at the MCA Clinic.

Kyle: It was a pleasure speaking with you and I look forward to helping the coaches in attendance in anyway that I can.