Getting to Know Craig Robinson

Over the next 10 weeks leading up to the MCA Coaching Clinic, we will be doing Q&A segments to give you all more of a background on our guest speakers. These segments will serve as an inside look to our speakers and will hopefully touch on some important topics as to what their purpose is and why they chose their professions. Enjoy.

Getting to Know Craig Robinson

Me: Craig, what is your role within the Milwaukee Bucks organization?

Craig: "My department is tasked with overseeing our player's off the court development. This includes providing guidance, programs, personal support, etc that help their individual growth as well as allow them to better focus on their primary job... winning games."

"The other part of my job is to help foster a better relationship and understanding of roles between the business and basketball sides of our organization."

Me: What has been your biggest transition in going from being a head coach at the collegiate level and into the front office for the NBA?

Craig: "The biggest transition from being a college coach to doing my current job is that my role with the Bucks is significantly more corporate as opposed to running a program, which is significantly more entrepreneurial."

"There's still the relationships with players, staff and fans that you have in college, but the dynamics are different. Ownership and players are driving the organization. There is a fiscal responsibility that is more realistic than college (where the labor is considerably under compensated). Which brings me to number 3..."

Me: From your experiences in both worlds, how does business and athletics relate?

Craig: "The business of basketball is much more straightforward in the NBA. There is a true partnership between the league and its partners. It is well run and is proving to be one of the best leagues in the world. I love that the NBA provides its players the ability to earn a terrific living while also providing them avenues for personal growth and development that is useful after their playing careers are over."

Me: What advice would you give to coaches who are trying to figure out what path they want to take as it relates to business and athletics?

Craig: "My advice for coaches is to develop a comfort level with the business side of the game. The business of athletics is only going to become more prominent. Players are becoming more astute at younger ages and finding ways to engage them on this platform will help you be a better coach while simultaneously helping them prepare for post athletic life."

Me: Thank you Craig for your valuable insight and we all look forward to seeing you at the MCA Coaching Clinic.

Craig: Thanks and I look forward to it as well.