I would like to welcome you to the Milwaukee Coaches Association website. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about all of us coming together for a great cause. For years I have been thinking of finding ways that I can give back to the city that made me who I am. This was a tough task because I have been coaching at the college level for the last decade and due to NCAA rules, we are not allowed to do anything directly with student-athletes.

Student-athletes are considered recruitable starting in the seventh grade and because of this, NCAA division one coaches are not allowed to have any direct contact with these student-athletes or their parents until they are heading into their junior year of high school.  This conflict caused me to run short on ideas of ways to give back to our youth in the city.  The idea of the Milwaukee Coaches Association was created to help aid in the quest of our city's youth, AAU, high school and collegiate coaches to become better mentors for their athletes.

Today, it is important that we have energetic, ambitious and experienced mentors. You often hear a lot of negatives about our city. Let's change those false perceptions of our city by working together to help build our youth into great leaders. My hope is that you pour great energy into this association and use it as a resource to better aid in your quest of developing fine young men and women. Let's make this the start of a great collaboration.


Freddie Owens